Wildlife Manuals and Caring Info

As a wildlife carer, there is so much to know and so much to learn.

Here you’ll find other species-related information which will hopefully make your job a little easier.

Wombat Gates

The Wombat Protection Society of Australia has developed a new wombat gate designed to alleviate fence damage and also has a container inserted to hold Cydectin for mange treatment if needed. Thehigh quality gates are sturdy and easy to install. They are also very affordable at $60 each plus postage. To find out more or to order your gate contact info@wombatprotection.org.au

See the gates in action at the WPSA website

Download the WPSA Living with Wombats brochure




Wombaroo Marsupial Milk Composition






Possums – Sonya Stanvic



Wombat - Image by O Rodger Bare-Nosed Wombat Growth and Feeding Chart

Care of Bare-Nosed Wombats v3.1  or visit Fourth Crossing Wildlife

 Wombat Husbandry Manual Michele Barnes

How to Speak Wombat

Wombat gate design

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Bats in Buildings

Building a Microbat Box

Tasmanian Bats and Their Habitat – A Guide

Australian Bat Lyssavirus – is the latest information of the virus from the Queensland government

Information for bat carer, researchers and others interacting with bats

Qualitative Risk Assessment -COVID-19 & Australian bats

Wildlife Health Australia Bat Health Focus Group

                                    If you love bats, you love All About Bats of Southern Queensland

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Find out more about capture myopathy




Treatment of Oiled Birds in New Zealand – This document from Massey University gives a detailed outline of the ecology of selected seabirds and their treatment.

An amazing website on general wildlife care – www.healthywildlife.com.au


Who eats what? This list from good friend Gordon Rich outlines which eucalypts possums find irresistible.





The latest advice on tularaemia for carers.



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The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife has a wonderful podcast series focussed on caring for carers and their mental health

The fabulous Two Green Threads also has a podcast Joining the Threads exploring themes of sustaining individuals, building community and expanding knowledge and a webinar the vital topic of carer self-care.





Nest Box Tales is a fantastic and comprehensive website covering all aspects of building and installing nest boxes

Image courtesy Nest Box Tales


Entangled Wildlife Australia is a new project being undertaken in conjunction with Living Atlas of Australia to create a database of entanglement nation-wide. They can be land-based or aquatic with the aim of identifying entanglement hot spots and raising awareness about something that costs thousands of native animals their lives each year.


The Quoll Seekers Network has a fantastic range of resources available about these amazing little creatures.

Check our their latest webinar

Or download Saving the Spotted Tail Quoll – A Landholder’s Guide It’s a great resource about what we can all do to project quolls in our own backyards.  Although produced in Queensland, there is still some awesome general info.



Raptors are magnificent animals but they are under threat from a hidden enemy – rodenticides. Landcare Tasmania has developed a valuable awareness program to highlight the dangers of these cruel substances, the damage they can do to our raptors and ways of avoiding their use.

Visit the website, watch the webinar with Nick Mooney, or download the flyer





If you’re looking to find out more about our precious platys check out this webinar from Wildlife Queensland’s platypus ecologist Tamielle Brunt. You can also download the presentation Powerpoint