Wildlife Manuals and Caring Info

As a wildlife carer, there is so much to know and so much to learn.

Here you’ll find other species-related information which will hopefully make your job a little easier.


Wombaroo Marsupial Milk Composition




Possums – Sonya Stanvic



Wombat - Image by O Rodger Bare-Nosed Wombat Growth and Feeding Chart

Care of Bare-Nosed Wombats v3

 Wombat Husbandry Manual Michele Barnes

How to Speak Wombat

Wombat gate design

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Bats in Buildings

Building a Microbat Box

Tasmanian Bats and Their Habitat – A Guide

Australian Bat Lyssavirus – is the latest information of the virus from the Queensland government

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Find out more about capture myopathy




Treatment of Oiled Birds in New Zealand – This document from Massey University gives a detailed outline of the ecology of selected seabirds and their treatment.

An amazing website on general wildlife care – www.healthywildlife.com.au


Who eats what? This list from good friend Gordon Rich outlines which eucalypts possums find irresistible.





The latest advice on tularaemia for carers.



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Wonderful podcast series by the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife focussed on caring for carers and their mental health






Nest Box Tales is a fantastic and comprehensive website covering all aspects of building and installing nest boxes

Image courtesy Nest Box Tales


Entangled Wildlife Australia is a new project being undertaken in conjunction with Living Atlas of Australia to create a database of entanglement nation-wide. They can be land-based or aquatic with the aim of identifying entanglement hot spots and raising awareness about something that costs thousands of native animals their lives each year.