Recommended Reading



Husbandry & Rehabilitation of Waterbirds & Seabirds     Dr Anne Fowler
Husbandry and Rehabilitation of Injured Native Birds      Dr Anne Fowler
Husbandry & Rehabilitation of Orphaned Birds                Dr Anne Fowler
Husbandry & rehabilitation of Raptors due 5/16               Dr Anne Fowler
Australian Bird Rehabilitation Manual                              Norma Henderson
Chick Identification                                                           Norma Henderson
Albatrosses (2008)                                                           Terence Lindsey
Australian Magpie (2004)                                                 Gisela Kaplan
Magpie Alert (2002)                                                          Darryl Jones
Mound builders: mallee fowl, brush-turkeys (2009)          Darryl Jones & Ann Goth
Australian Bustard (2010)                                                 Mark Ziembicki
Guide to basic health and disease in birds (2002)           Dr Michael Cannon
Guide to incubation and hand-rearing birds


Raising and Rehabilitation of Macropods                         Dr Anne Fowler
First Aid and Rehabilitation of Possums                           Dr Anne Fowler
Husbandry & Rehabilitation of Koalas                              Dr Anne Fowler
The others: bandicoots, dasyurids, rodents                      Dr Anne Fowler
Husbandry & rehabilitation of microbats                           Dr Anne Fowler
Bettongs, Potoroos and the Musky Rat-Kangaroo (2002) Andrew Claridge
Wombats, 2nd edn (2009)                                                Barbara Triggs
Kangaroos 2nd edn (2012)                                               Terence Dawson
Possums: Brushtail, ringtails, greater glider (2001)          Anne Kerle
Small Mammals of Eastern Australia                                Norma Henderson
Great Whales (2008)                                                        John Bannister


Husbandry and Rehabilitation of Injured Reptiles & Frogs     Dr Anne Fowler
Living with snakes and other reptiles (2011)                    Simon Watharow
Complete Guide to the Reptiles of Australia (2013)         Steve Wilson & Gerry Swan
Keeping Australian Geckos (2008)                                   Rob Porter
Keeping short neck turtles (ABK pub) (2007)                   Darren Green
Keeping long neck turtles (ABK pub) (2000)                    Darren Green
Keeping bearded dragons (ABK pub) (2009)                   Darren Green
Keeping blue tongue lizards (ABK pub) (2001)                Grant Turner
Keeping frogs                                                                   Grant Turner
Guide to husbandry and disease of reptiles                     Dr Brendan Carmel & Dr Robert Johnson
Guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity: Elapids and Colubrids     Scott Eipper
A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity                      Adam Elliott
A Guide to Australian Skinks (2012)                               Danny Brown
A Guide to Australian Dragons (2012)                            Danny Brown
A Guide to Australian Monitors in Captivity (2012)         Danny Brown
A Guide to Australian Turtles in Captivity (2012)            Adam Elliot
A Guide to Australian Frogs in Captivity (2012)             Scott Eipper


A Field Guide to Australian Spiders                              Robert Whyte, Greg Anderson


Nutrition of Wildlife                                                           Dr Anne Fowler
Care of Australian Wildlife (2010)                                     Erna Walraven
Under the microscope (2003)                                           Dr Danny Brown
Tracks, Scats and other traces (2011)                             Barbara Triggs
Australian Wildlife After Dark (2016 CSIRO Publishing)  Martyn Robinson & Bruce Thomson

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Englefield, B.; Candy, S.; Starling, M.; McGreevy, P. The Demography and Practice of Australians Caring for Native Wildlife and the Psychological, Physical and Financial Effects of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of Wildlife on the Welfare of Carers. Animals 2019, 9, 1127.