Tasmanian Wildlife News

7th August 2016

Devils are being give aversion therapy in the hopes they will stay away from roads.

Giant crayfish population impacted by recent floods

31st July 2016

Concerns that animals have been deliberately targetted.

25th July 2016

Researcher quietly optimistic about the future of the Tasmanian devil

22nd July 2016

Vandals put devils at risk

17th July 2016

Tasmanians fighting the scourge of wombat mange

16th July 2016

The Tasmanian Tiger remembered

13th July 2016

Questions raised over success of Narawntapu devil trial

12th July 2016

Launceston the State’s roadkill capital

10th July 2016

Sad anniversary … 80 years since the death of the last Tassie Tiger

6th July 2016

Tassie Devils experience NSW winter

2nd July 2016

Concerted effort needed to save the Tassie Devil

1st July 2016

Concern over release of healthy devils into DFTD areas

28th June 2016

Victorian devil comes home to help his mates

23rd June 2016

Wild devils on Maria need common sense approach

19th June 2016

Baby boom on the Forestier peninsula

9th June 2016

Wildlife displaced after floods

3rd June 2016

Devil outpacing his friends with new hardware

31st May 2016

Filmmaker vet seeking new wildlife cause

30th May 2016

Pouch young shows real progress on Forestier Peninsula

25th May 2016

Call for Tasmania’s Liberal government to end 1080 use

Devil Island Project Group receives funding for portable release sites

New fences the latest weapon the fight to save the Tassie Devil

24th May 2016

Researchers discover isolated and genetically different devil population

21st May 2016

Launceston’s Cataract Gorge a unique and precious ecosystem

7th May 2016

Baby boom expected for Devils@Cradle

29th April 2016

Wedge-tailed eagle nest found in Lapoinya coupe

22nd April 2016

New plan to improve cat management in Tasmania

The Tasmanian devil’s global appeal

21st April 2016

Council explores virtual fencing to protect devils

20th April 2016

Images of Tasmania’s most iconic species

19th April 2016

Baby wombat rescue caught on camera

16th April 2016

Tourism Tasmania’s wombat cuddler competition raises concerns

8th April 2016

DFTD not linked to genetic pattern

5th April 2016

Filmmakers makes splash in Burnie

4th April 2016

The man who culls wallabies by the thousand

1st April 2016


Plight of the Tasmanian devil inspires pensioner to pick up a pen

24th March 2016

Bruny Island albino wallaby ‘like something out of Alice in Wonderland’

23rd March 2016

Krill super-swarm find surprises Australian Antarctic program scientists

22nd March 2016

Tasmanian World Heritage areas deserve better firefighting plan

19th March 2016

Bob Brown’s arrest in Lapoinya under new anti-protestor laws

15th March 2016


Satellite pictures reveal scale of summers bushfire destruction

4th March 2016

Little fire survivor warms hearts in search for a cool drink

4th March 2016

40 spotted pardaloteCanberra’s Australian National University have discovered a remarkable adaptation.  Tasmania’s endangered Forty-Spotted Pardalotes encourage white gum to exude sap!

Rare Australian bird farms nourishing manna from trees

4th March 2016

IMG_9870Do you have what it takes to become a snake handler?

After a busy summer of relocations, Reptile Rescue Inc. is calling for more volunteers to be trained to assist with call outs.

Call for snake volunteerssssss