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21st August 2016

How to deal with a ‘possum plague’

7th August 2016

Plan to bring curlews back to the bush

5th August 2016

New play explores the issue of extinction

Flesh-eating bacteria linked to possums in Melbourne

1st August 2016

Rare species makes a return to the highlands of NSW

Dozens of wallabies orphaned after road accidents

30th July 2016

Ploughing champion turns conservationist

27th July 2016

Clever koalas learning to cross the road

Kangaroo drive by shootings out of control

22nd July 2016

New England wallabies have expensive tastes … they like truffles.

20th July 2016

National study looks at wildlife homes

15th July 2016

New national survey shows concerning decreases in bird populations

13th July 2016

Rare potoroo gets new island home

12th July 2016

Phillip Islands very own safe haven for wildlife

11th July 2016

Another great example of wildlife bridges … something to aspire to

8th July 2016

Eastern quolls breeding in A.C.T. for the first tie in 80 years

7th July 2016

Six million dollars for Queensland wildlife hospitals

Hibernation in Australia

6th July 2016

Echidna numbers on the rise

5th July 2016

Rare sighting of spotted quoll near Canberra

1st July 2016

Queensland government urged to consider range of options to protect koalas

Powerful owl by name and nature

30th June 2016

Southern BrushTail Wallabies find new home

No story … just a really cute picture of lots of koalas

29th June 2016

New speed limits proposed to save Kangaroo Island’s unique wildlife

Possum has lucky escape from chainsaw

Treetop living doesn’t protect against toxo

Fabulous lyrebird footage

28th June 2016

New legislation poses significant threat to biodiversity and endangered species

Research shows a greater diversity of plants attracts a greater diversity of birds, essential for spreading pollen.

27th June 2016

Wildlife caring goes crowd funding

22nd June 2016

Mysterious find puzzling wildlife experts

20th June 2016

Leadbeater’s Possum needs urgent action

19th June 2016

Port approval given despite potential impacts on wildlife

Just goes to show, you’re never too young to start caring for the planet

17th June 2016

Found …one rare and endangered mountain pygmy possum

16th June 2016

What’s smaller than a tick that lives on an echidna? The bacteria that lives in the tick. Researchers discover a unique bacteria that lives only in echidna-biting tick.

Residents urged to check chimneys for winter possum stowaways

14th June 2016

Petition to lower speed limits on Phillip Island between dusk and dawn

Barb Busters working to save wildlife

Tiny rodent the first extinction caused by climate change

13th June 2016

Green thumbs needed at WA sanctuary

12th June 2016

Wombats get a second chance at life

Bettongs and bilbies go to predator school

8th June 2016

Baby koala rescued after being blown out of tree

Kangaroo cull targets potential bushfire survivors – WARNING: Story contains GRAPHIC images

Platypus could give clues to mammalian ancestry

7th June 2016

Survivor of WA fires heading back to the wild

Another example of lateral thinking in providing wildlife with new homes

Simple phone number essential for wildlife rescue

5th June 2016

Greens pledge $2 billion wildlife rescue plan

6th June 2016

Platypus thinks it’s a salty in Rockhampton

3rd June 2016

Q: How do you wash an echidna? A: Very carefully.

Researchers find tiger quoll somewhere they never thought to look

1st June 2016

Sydney wildlife group fundraising for rescue van

31st May 2016

When a Cape York cop met an orphaned wallaby it was love at first sight

Who knew?? Echidnas like a dip

30th May 2016

Sydney council to undertake cat trapping in bushland reserves

27th May 2016

Researchers discover yet another unique animal for Australia’s fossil record

Vets turn to crowd funding to save wildlife

24th May 2016

Unique WA possums must adapt, migrate or face extinction

22nd May 2016

Extinction is not an option for our fiesty devils in the NSW Hunter Valley

21st May 2016

The Tasman Peninsula is proving a disease-free haven for devils

Perth Council bans balloons to save wildlife

Although this is news from the land of the long white cloud, we can always make room for incredibly cute possum pictures … oh and an alpaca

19th May 2016

Two great examples of proactive wildlife management and thinking outside the square …

500 nesting boxes to be installed along the Western Highway

Edible six-pack rings feed wildlife rather than strangle it

18th May 2016

Study shows Australians do care about cat predation on wildlife

Mod cons a danger for native wildlife

17th May 2016

Four paws helping koala conservation

Tracking dog used in koala survey

16th May 2016

Possum personalities the key to survival

14th May 2016

A great story to give us all hope

How the humble rubber band is saving lives

Drivers pose the greatest risk to Devils

13th May 2016

Sydney’s Olympic Park tackling cat control

11th May 2016

With 1872 plants and animals now threatened with extinction, endangered species deserves a better deal this election.

Wallabies airlifted to boost population in remote WA national park

9th May 2016

Natural antibodies may help in the fight against DFTD

What’s the most dangerous animal on the road … ironically it’s not humans

8th May 2016

The secret world of the feral cat … GoPro Feral Cam

Western quoll reintroduction to Flinders Ranges complete

7th May 2016

More species teetering on the brink as Government adds 49 new species to the endangered list

6th May 2016

No more strolls on Cable Beach for this croc

Cairns carer has named all of the 4000 animals she has cared for

5th May 2016

Feral animals could be getting camera shy

Baiting program designed to protect native animals from wild dog

2nd May 2016

Citizen survey records Greater Gliders in logging coupe

29th April 2016

Bearded dragons experience deep sleep dreams

Baby echidna recovering after close encounter of the chicken kind

27th April 2016

Island a Noah’s Ark for threatened species

Young koala on the road to recovery

26th April 2016

Toad-smart quolls off to a good start

Echidna pooh could be the secret to discovering an long lost species

25th April 2016

Bush stone-curlew miraculously survives being shot with an arrow

WARNING – story contains graphic image

22nd April 2016

One of Australia’s unique marsupials is going back to school

Quolls get toad-smart to survive

21st April 2016

Wallaby on the mend after injury

Technology targets feral cats in outback South-West Queensland

20th April 2016

Rangers say crocs must be removed

Gulf of Carpentaria wildlife sanctuary identified as significant for shorebirds.

Koala’s arrival could be result of land clearing

Possums – the hidden housemates

Research indicates as many as 1 billion U.S birds die as a result of window strikes

First koala joey of the season makes an appearance

19th April 2016

Injured wildlife numbers skyrocket at RSPCA Queensland

18th April 2016

Tracking the cryptic powerful owl

Weird and wonderful creatures that live on islands

17th April 2016

In search of the night parrot

Habitat loss pushes shore birds to the brink


16th April 2016

Yet another Australian species declared extinct

Black-throated finch no longer flying in NSW

15th April 2016

The NSW wildlife rescue organisation has helped one million animals

Local ‘kakadu’ site restored for native wildlife

Unexpected birth surprises Taronga keepers

The inaugural Western Ringtail Possum tally is on

14th April 2016

Bats earn the ire of the community

13th April 2016

Study to explore keeping northern hairy nosed wombats healthy in captivity

How echidnas survive bushfires



12th April 2016

This story highlights why public education on wildlife is so vital and just how stupid people really can be.

Close call for possum ‘pet’

Weighing in at just 59g,Tackita is getting a second chance

Baby possum beats the odds

11th April 2016

The unique possum that hugs

10th April 2016

The pressures of being an animal carer

8th April 2016

Saving the Tasmanian Devil with microbiome research

Tasmanian Devil breeding programme in Barrington Tops ticks off another important milestone with the birth of devil joeys both in Tasmania and in NSW

Stunning snake find in South Grafton wrecking yard

7th April 2016

Who knew?? Echidnas like the occasional dip.

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland launches PlatyCount2016

6th April 2016

Queensland tree clearing blamed for dramatic rise in wildlife needing rescue

5th April 2016

New technology shining alight on the secret world of bats

4th April 2016

Mystery of the headless possum solved … and it’s not what you think

WARNING: This story contains graphic content

Platypus are holding their own in the Grampians

30th March 2016

Local NAB helps bushfire-injured wildlife

29th March 2016

A tiny chick is warming and winning hearts at a WA wildlife centre.

Although the following is an international story, similar strategies as those outlined in this article from Finland, are being trialled in various parts of Australia, but sadly are few and far between in Tasmania,despite it being the nation’s roadkill capital

Wildlife corridors could eliminate four-fifths of roadkill

28th March 2016

Koalas in Queensland victims of urban sprawl.

Too cute for words … Baby wombat Jack being nursed back to health in the ACT

Bureaucracy at its worst … NT prison wildlife rehab programme cancelled due to ‘no pets’ policy

26th March 2016

New research indicates hazard reduction burns are harmful to wildlife

25th March 2016

The Easter bunny comes to everyone …


24th March 2016

Feral cat impacts on Kakadu worse than first thought.


dreamstime_xs_43104305You can lead quolls to safety but it appears you can’t make them stay.

Quolls abscond from sanctuary at ACT’s Mulligan’s Flat

21st March 2016

Platypus Twins

18th March 2016

Taronga enjoys rare success breeding the world’s smallest glider

6th March 2016

close up on a perched white cockatoo (sulphur crested cockatoo)

Discover the nomenclature of some of our amazing animals … all is not what it seems.

What’s in a Name

Cockatoo image courtesy of

1st March 2016

Take a sneak peek into the life of South Australian wildlife carers.

All creatures great and small: An animal lover, a policeman and their wild family

N.B. While South Australian laws allow for the keeping of wildlife, Tasmanian legislation does not. Anyone considering caring for native animals in Tasmania must register with DPIPWE.

For further details about becoming a carer, please continue to – Become a Wildlife Carer

25th February 2016

Koala given all-clear after new chlamydia vaccine