As a member of the Tasmanian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, you’ll not only be part of a dynamic and passionate community, you’ll also be contributing to the future of wildlife in Tasmania. Your support will assist the TWRC achieve the very best outcomes for our truly amazing native fauna.

Thank you for being part of the solution.


Carer membership
$20 for 1 Year
Exclusively for all carers registered with DPIPWE's Wildlife Management Branch, this membership offers ...
* Personal accident and public liability insurance
* Tailored access to the WildMan wildlife management system
* Discounts on workshops and seminars
General Membership
$25 for 1 Year
This membership offers individuals the opportunity to actively support and engage with the carer community, and contribute to the best in wildlife outcomes.
* Discount on workshops or events
* The chance to stand in TWRC elections and vote at the AGM
* A quarterly newsletter
Corporate Membership
$50 for 1 Year
Corporate membership is ideal for businesses looking to build stronger community relationships. This membership offers ...
* Sponsorship and promotional opportunities
* Discounts on workshops or events
* Voting rights at the AGM for a nominated representative
Junior Membership
$10 for 1 Year
Just for joeys under 18, this membership is a great way to discover our amazing wildlife and what it takes to be a carer. This membership includes ...
* The opportunity to meet with other animal lovers
* Discounts on selected events
* A quarterly newsletter