Goodwill Wines

red wine

After David Laity lost everything in 2009’s Black Saturday bushfires, he launched Goodwill Wine in 2010 using the money he received from the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal as a way to “pay forward” the generosity he himself experienced from charities and the general public.

He purchases high-quality wines from boutique wineries and then sells the wine via his website, passing on 50 per cent, yes 50 per cent, of funds to those charities registered with Goodwill.

To date he’s raised almost $150,000 for a host of organisations.

And it really couldn’t be simpler …

1. Select the type of wine and the number of bottles from a constantly-changing range.
2. Choose TWRC as your charity.
3. Hit the ‘buy’ button, and both the wine and the money are on their way.

Not only that, it’s an ethical experience from start to finish. Many wines are vegan and free of eggs and milk products sometimes used in winemaking processes and shipped in recycled cartons. Deliveries are offset by Greenfleet which plants a variety of native trees in permanent forests that help to reduce soil erosion and provide essential habitat for native wildlife.

Best of all, Goodwill offers this service to charities absolutely free of charge.

So spoil yourself and support the TWRC, visit Goodwill Wine and get any occasion off to a corker of a start.